Our Mission

E-R Music Commission promotes and supports the music industry and the development of its artists and emerging artists in the field of pop, rock, electronic, jazz, world and experimental music.

It is aimed at professionals active in the music market (new artists and bands, record labels, press offices, publishing companies, booking, promotion, concert organizations, and music production agencies) who wish to be accompanied in their path of production, distribution, and promotional development to a national and also international level.

Emilia-Romagna, along the entire route of the Via Emilia which goes from the city of Piacenza to Rimini, can count on a great number of artists, small and large music producers, labels, publishers, clubs, and festivals in a widespread manner and not only around the regional capital Bologna that is, among other things, a Unesco Creative City of Music and is therefore included by right within a global network related to Music.

The export office is the latest function added to the services run by the Music Commission in strict collaboration with ATER Fondazione.